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As part of our service to you, we offer free access to NAMES IN STONE
. NAMES IN STONE is an award-winning website designed to help cemeteries make their information conveniently accessible to families and researchers.
Why NAMES IN STONE is different?
Most cemetery websites show only an alphabetical listing of graves. They are rarely updated and sometimes cumbersome to search.

But with NAMES IN STONE, searching is easy―and you can see the actual location of the grave in the cemetery. This helps you see who is buried next to whom. It’s almost like actually being there.

NAMES IN STONE is also easy to update. In a short amount of time, a cemetery can update NAMES IN STONE as frequently as they choose. Best of all, NAMES IN STONE is free to the cemetery and to the public.
Top Five Reasons why NAMES IN STONE adds value to your project:
  1. NAMES IN STONE combines both burial information and a map showing the location of each grave.
  2. NAMES IN STONE provides an excellent public service, especially on Memorial Day. The public is able to do research anytime.
  3. NAMES IN STONE provides a professional, user-friendly website. Now you don’t have to invest in building your own site—the work is already done for you.
  4. NAMES IN STONE offers you peace of mind knowing there is an off-site back-up of your information.
  5. This is a FREE service!
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