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We have helped cemeteries from coast to coast better protect and manage their information. Record keeping challenges that these cemeteries face may sound familiar.
  • We are not always sure our maps match our records. We need a better and easier way to keep our maps current and reliable.
  • Our deceased and ownership records are on paper. We need a more reliable system of organizing information.
  • We are worried about protecting our cemetery records. We only have one copy and if there’s ever a fire, we’ve lost it all. We have the headstones, but they’re equally as vulnerable. We need a better way to preserve information.
  • We have a lot of people asking where someone is buried or if they can search our records for genealogy clues. The current status of our records makes this cumbersome. We need a more efficient way to respond to public inquiries.
We help cemetereis with concerns just like these.

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