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Why you will love it...

Simplifying Record Keeping

Easy-to-use. You will love the simplicity of Spatial GENERATIONS.Within a few minutes, you will be searching for burial records, entering data, and navigating the map. You will be amazed that sophisticated technology can be so easy to use.

Convenient. You will love the convenience of Spatial GENERATIONS. Instead of searching through cards files or ledger books, and then cross-referencing a map, you can search, view, and update both at the same timeā€”all at your fingertips.
Save Time. You will love the time savings offered by Spatial GENERATIONS. Searching for burial records or grave ownership information takes only seconds. You will be amazed at how fast you can retrieve information.
Value. You will love the value of Spatial GENERATIONS. The complete solution we provide is economical and will benefit your cemetery for years. In addition to receiving your digital records, map, and the Spatial GENERATIONS software, you will receive the added value of posting your cemetery map and records on the award-winning website, NAMES IN STONE. With NAMES IN STONE, you can post your maps and records online for free. The return will be many times the investment. Shop and compare. You will not find a better value for your dollar.

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